Our development process varies depending on the needs of each client. Whether you want top-down product development, small quick turn prototypes, or additional technical support of your internal engineering department, Original Technology tailors the development process to meet the needs of each individual client.


Our basic philosophy is to develop a working model as quickly as possible. This allows us to focus on key critical areas of the design early and to identify any potential problem areas. This approach also allows you, the client, to see a model of the product early in the development cycle, so that you can verify that your initial objectives have been met. In some cases this early stage model may be a software simulation or, in others, a quick turn prototype. But in all cases, the end result is the same:  we provide quick access to the core of the project as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. A natural fall-out of this process is that our designs are more robust and reliable, since the core technology has been tested and used over and over during the development phase.



Show typical steps in project development.

Our Mission is to provide innovative solutions and quality products to our clients, while  providing them with the tools necessary for their success.

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