Moisture Detector


Objective: The client wanted to have an easy to install sensor that would detect the presence of moisture and then send an alert message. The device had to be small, low cost, operate for years on a battery, and be easy to install. In addition a web based infrastructure was to be developed to manage the provisioning, reporting, and maintenance of the sensors. Also, we were to provide the device with the basic architecture capable of being be reused for other Internet of Things (IoT) devices planned for the future.


Result: Original Technology worked closely with the client's management to develop a solution. By closely analyzing existing moisture sensor technology, Original Technology was able to develop an innovative, highly flexible, low cost approach.


How sensor communicates with user using cloud services.Using the latest TI RF technology that combined WiFi and ARM technology, it was possible to develop a sensor that would last five years without requiring a battery change. Original Technology also developed the web-based server that was responsible for receiving data from thousands of sensors in the field. The data was automatically sent as a text message and/or email to managers responsible for each of the sensors.



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