Low Power Designs


With today’s emphasis on portable devices and small embedded IoT devices, power consumption has to be a major driving element in any new design. Long gone are the days when engineers could focus on performance and speed of operation at the expense of power consumption.  Today’s developers need to balance performance and power to achieve a successful product.


For years, Original Technology has been focused on developing power efficient designs for both line powered and battery powered products.  To achieve this balance the developer needs to have a deep understanding of both the hardware and software that is designed into any new product. Many times a small change in one can have a significant impact on power consumption without impacting performance.  These types of decisions need to be made early in the product development cycle since architectural features of the design could limit the potential power savings.


The team at Original Technology understands power:


  • Hi-Efficiency DC-DC power supplies
  • Rechargeable battery circuits for Nicad, NIMh, and Li batteries
  • Power consumption analysis
  • Scheduling software to maximize deep sleep capabilities
  • Energy harvesting



Our Mission is to provide innovative solutions and quality products to our clients, while  providing them with the tools necessary for their success.

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