Most products today involve some form of communication.  It may be cellular, bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee. Sub 1 GHz, or any one of the many other wireless protocols.  Products can also be hard-wired using USB, RS-232, or RS-422.  In any case, the team at Original Technology has you covered. We understand the trade-offs between these technologies and the advantages and disadvantages of each one.


We have designed many products that incorporated these technologies both at a hardware and software perspective. Sometimes a custom proprietary communication protocol is the right choice, and sometimes an existing standards solution exists. Original Technology has been there and made those decisions many times in the past, and we can help you navigate this increasingly complex technology.


  • RF: Cellular, Bluetooth low energy, WiFi, and Sub 1 GHz radio links
  • Wired: USB, RS-232, RS-422
  • Ethernet: protocols including DNS, FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, UDP, and TCP/IP
  • Multi-Drop protocols (wired and wireless): HHDL. SDLC, ModBus



Our Mission is to provide innovative solutions and quality products to our clients, while  providing them with the tools necessary for their success.

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